What Is This?


We started as a mother-daughter team who cared a lot about family and liked to eat a little too much. As our eating problem grew into more of a cooking problem (Heide started a cooking school as Gabrielle tried her best to keep up) we realized we had the potential to rule the world, or at least start a cooking site, the likes of which had never been seen before.


We’ve learned and taught cuisines from all over the world – Germany, Vietnam, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Iran, Morocco, France, Thailand, Ireland and America, just to namedrop a few – but the more we’ve learned, the more we’ve realized we’ll never know anything. We’ve also learned that the soul of food lies in home cooking – even the most innovative restaurants draw on time honored traditions perfected in home kitchens all over the world. This is where cooking began, and this is what we want to celebrate.


So we’re enlisting you to help us out. Whether your recipe is 200 years old, or 2 days old, and whether your home is a dorm or a palace, we want you to teach us about your traditions and your food. The process is simple – sign up here, and once you’re set up you can send in your posts and pictures. If we like what you’ve sent us, we’ll post it. The poster who gets the most comments combined on their posts that month gets a prize!


If you’re not much of a writer (or cook), just stick around and read at your leisure! Whoever you are, welcome to our home – we can assure you there’s no place like it!


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