Apples and Bananas

The first time I saw a trailer for Despicable Me I thought it looked like the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. But when I accidentally saw it in the lobby of a Courtyard Marriott two summers ago and found out it was actually a heartwarming film about family and bananas, my life was changed forever, though not quite so much as when I found out the current batch of Chiquita Banana fruit stickers had minions on them. There was only one in our whole bunch, but I immediately took it off and stuck it on my computer. I knew somehow I had to catch ’em all, and that I was going to make that happen no matter how crazy it made me look.


I think the minions are judging me but I don't really care...


So did I go through every single banana in the entire display of bananas next time I went to Stop and Shop? Nope! Because my mom did it for me! Two days later she brought home a bag of 15 bananas – meant, to be fair, to develop smoothie recipes – but almost every one with a different minion sticker. I’m ashamed to say I hid them under my desk for about 36 hours, until I could painstakingly apply them to my computer without my sisters trying to steal them. But here’s the finished product – an Apple covered with bananas! They look beautiful, don’t you think?




How about you – have you ever done anything as crazy as this? Comment below and let me know I’m in good company 😉