Sixteen Layers / Sixteen Candles

I try my hardest to be the perfect big sister to Isabella and Francesca, but every so often, despite my best efforts, I will do something that violates the sister equivalent of the Bro Code, like leaving for Ireland at exactly the time we were going to celebrate Isabella’s sweet sixteen. So I knew that when we ultimately did celebrate her birthday in June (only 6 months late) I owed her big time. I would have loved to surprise her with, oh I don’t know, a car or diamond earrings or something, but by the time I returned I had completely run out of money (because otherwise all those things would have been completely reasonable).





I decided that since I couldn’t give her anything from my bank account, I was going to have to give her something from my heart (awwww). And truth be told, all I’m really good for is baking anyway, so I turned to Pinterest because the strangers there are really good at helping with these things. With a little poking I happened across Bakerella’s brilliant 14 layer cake, and it wasn’t long before I put 14 and 2 together. The only way to show 16 years worth of sisterly love was with a 16 layer cake.




16 aluminum baking tins and a number of hours later, the cake was assembled in all its finery. I adapted a white cake recipe that we once used to make a cake that would have been amazing if it weren’t for a coconut catastrophe (more on that later?), and I filled the layers with chocolate ganache. While I’m a big fan of the stack-of-pancakes look, I used Bakerella’s Chocolate Buttercream to create a surprise effect. Sixteen golden candles adorned the top, and this really tacky blinking “16” pin that I got at Party City adorned Isabella. Look at that pretty girl – if she’s wishing that I bought her something instead, she’s sure not showing it 😉





You’ll find the recipe below – it’s easy, just a bit time consuming, but worth it for someone you love (as long as they’re not too old). Do you have any fun birthday traditions? Share them with us below! And let us know if you decide to try it out!





Also, Happy Birthday Bella (kind of).