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About Me:
Hi there! I'm Soyeon, and all together, a nosher. I grew up occasionally filching pastries from the local supermarket as a toddler and spending January mornings cooking with female relatives in my extended Korean family. The happy residents of my cupboard include sesame oil, ground cumin, dried chives, kombu, and couscous. I rarely measure out ingredients and often use my hands. || Outside the gastrosphere, I am a student, a humanitarian, a traveler, and a mischief maker. Raised up American-Korean, I split my time between New York City, Boston, and Seoul - and recently, Rabat, Morocco.
Maftoul – Israeli Couscous Moroccan Style with Lemon and Saffron | Soyeon Kim for The Road Home

Maftoul – The Cooking Tool!

During my time in Morocco, I lived with a mother and daughter who cooked as well as they broke out  in song while cooking. One of their favorite...
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Smashing S’meaches!

There’s something oddly comforting about peaches. Peaches have been a part of my family for years, starting with my father’s allergy to peach...
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