Christina Esposito

Christina Esposito

Gary, Indiana | 4 Posts Published
About Me:
Hello! My name is Christina Esposito and I am an eternal student of food, writing, and good living. I love to cook and cannot wait to share my recipes and collect others!
Favorite Foods:
I'm boring and I haven't filled this out yet. Comment below to pester me!

Spaghetti Alla Carrettiera

Sauce Carrettiera, is in short, a miracle sauce. Contrary to popular beliefs about spaghetti sauce, this sauce takes almost no time to simmer and is...
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German Apple Pancakes

These apple pancakes are my favorite Sunday morning breakfast. They look beautiful and have a sort of special occasion air about them. The flavor of...
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An Italian Sugar Rush

The last article I posted was all about forgetting about time. It was about leaving that sauce on the stove until it was good and ready. This post,...
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